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2021 Reflections

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Entrepreneurship

2021 has been a year of challenges and achievements. I shared my speaker milestone yesterday(link in the comments). One of the challenges I faced was getting back to some normalcy in our pipeline for Build Global. We aren't there but getting there. I had to pause and remind myself that I was part of a global pandemic, and some things will take time. At the same time, the Liberian Business Alliance launched successfully, and we made history with Niche On Demand, this is the ebb and flow of being in business.

One of my primary reflections for 2021 is that I have gained a lot of ancestors this year. Every time I think about another giant added to the list of people I stand on, I am aware of the baton they pass on. While that may be a sombre thought to some and losing them is sombre. I also see optimism about what the future holds.

I close 2021 with joy and optimism about the future, my vision and purpose. I am Creating, Disrupting and Writing, using my voice, insights, expertise and skills to leave a mark.

I wish you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year.