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Back to Basics: What is Social Sustainability?

By: Sabrina Clarke

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Before continuing my Social and Economic Sustainability focus, resetting and getting back to basics is essential. So, let me lay a foundation.

What is Social Sustainability?

The UN Global Compact defines Social sustainability as identifying and managing business impacts, both positive and negative, on people.

The UN Global Compact recognises and calls out the importance of:

☑️ Stakeholder Engagement
☑️ The direct or indirect effect companies have on employees, the value chain, customers and local communities

My niche is Social and Economic sustainability, with a focus on the supply chain.

I am launching Build Global Updates, where I share thought leadership and insights that challenge the status and forecast the future of crucial Social and Economic Sustainability issues. The spaces will be intentionally limited, Chatham House rule and will not be recorded given the subject matter.

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