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BRKIN Bread Podcast Launch

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Media

I am excited to announce my new audio-visual podcast, BRKIN Bread is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Watch the first episode here.

BRKIN Bread is the first show from Lateral Theory, the media and entertainment arm of my company, Build Global. My mission with BRKIN Bread is to bring back the art of conversation. To demonstrate we can disagree without being disagreeable. All opinions are welcome for dinner, whether politically correct or incorrect or controversial.

Over a three-course meal (we actually break bread), we have dinner and discourse. My guests are diverse in ethnicity, perspective and ideology. Our topics will range from the funny to the sophisticated. Guests do not know the topics beforehand, so what you see is their authentic, unfiltered views. It's not salacious but grown.

African or Caribbean cuisine will always be on the menu, and the conversations will be spicy.

Thank you, Cherie Lawrence, Mala Naicker, Jason Roberts and Joseph Robertson for making history with me and for being the brave first guests. You believed in the vision. Coming into a number of unknowns is an ask, appreciate your trust and support.

To my team, who made this possible and continue to make it possible, you are the best.

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More to come about Lateral Theory in 2023.