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BRKIN Bread was featured in Podcasting Today

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Media,Lateral Theory

I am so excited about our first feature on BRKIN Bread. Podcasting Today covered BRKIN Bread, the audio-visual podcast I created for the hungry mind. I invite guests to dine and debate over an African or Caribbean three-course meal expertly curated by a Chef. BRKIN Bread is the first project from my digital media company, Lateral Theory.

Podcasting Today covered us, and I am very happy about this milestone. I learned very early to celebrate all the wins, big or small. So I am celebrating this win Today!

Here's to more coverage. As an independent digital media company, coverage and views matter.

You can read the article here:

You can also catch the latest episode, which is my first curated table of all-Black men, at the links below:

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Spotify (mobile and desktop):