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Cultivating a Venture Capitalist mindset

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Entrepreneurship,Leadership

Part of my evolution as an entrepreneur has been cultivating a venture capitalist mindset.When I first thought about Build Global and formed it in 2017, I knew there would be different components to either Build Global or other businesses that made up my portfolio.

Today, like me, my portfolio is divergent, disruptive and forward-thinking. The most significant shift is what describes as being a Funder to my own company. Build Global has always been a bootstrapped company, funding my portfolio. However, I also needed to shift my thinking into being a funder of Build Global. That shift has opened up new opportunities and a different way of doing business.

I check all the boxes in this article, cultivating a VC mindset by- Thinking big

- Taking risks

- Taking a broader, more objective view

- Allocating resources for what creates the most value

- Investing in a range of ideas based on insights, opportunities and needsI have been making changes and seeing the rewards.