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Executive and Egineers at odds with AI and Sustainability

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability,Transformation


What happens when Executives and Engineers are at odds with AI and sustainability?

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TE Connectivity launched its 2024 Industrial Technology Insights with a focus on AI and sustainability. I like TE's approach because it surveys Executives and Engineers, so you get a sense of what leaders think and what the people say.

There are several insights but there are three that stood out for me. First, sustainability attracts talent; 70% of engineers say they seek out jobs that support climate change solutions. Second, 34% of engineer talent will leave their job if their company does not provide opportunities to support sustainability as part of company culture. When it comes to meeting sustainability goals, Executives and Engineers are at odds. 69% of Executives feel engineers lack innovation, while 72% of Engineers feel there is a lack of direction from senior leaders.

I am with the engineers on this one. How can they innovate if there isn’t a clear direction of where the organisation is going or the sustainability problem they are solving for their organisation? It could be the Executive don’t know or don’t care; either way, leaders set the tone.