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FINA's supply chain needs Soul

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

'Athletes competing at the International events never used, neither require to use, caps of such size and configuration’- FINA. I can do a masterclass on that comment alone but my focus is the supply chain issues.

Let's briefly explore:

- Black people have a particular hair texture and style that requires a different cap configuration and type (market demand)

- Soul Cap identifies this gap and provides a product to meet this need (supply)

- The FINA Committee compromising of people who on the majority do not experience this issue, unilaterally decide to Barr Soul Cap (supply chain bottleneck)

There were several ways to resolve this, barring Soul Cap, was the most hostile and least mutually beneficial. These issues happen every day when diverse suppliers try to enter a supply chain with products and services meant to bring businesses into the 21st century. Its ok for Buyers and Category Managers not to be versed in all things. What is required though is trusting the experts.