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I don't need a mentor or sponsor.

I need investors.

by: Sabrina Clarke

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· Entrepreneurship

Black Founders don't need a mentor or sponsor.

They need investors.

- Sabrina Clarke

Access to capital is a key barrier for small and minority owned businesses. Therefore, investors are needed in order for small businesses to succeed. Organisations and individuals need to look past the mainstream founder profiles and take a risk on ideas, with a clear business plan and return on investment.

Black owned and female founders need investors. Only 1% black owned Founders recieve VC backed capital.

Two examples of the possibilities are The Honey Pot Co and Helium Health.

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The Honey Pot Co is a plant based femine care product company founded by Beatrice Dixon. Beatrice, @thehoneypotco is one on the first 40 black women to raise $1 million in VC backed funding ever.

The Honey Pot, founded in 2014, is today a multi-million organisation.

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@heliumhealth is transforming healthcare in Africa. Helium Health is on a mission to accelerate Africa's transition to a technology and data driven healthcare sector. Helium Health are advancing universal health coverage by providing a suite of full-service solutions for all healthcare stakeholders in emerging markets. The Founders are Adegoke Olubusi, Tito Ovia, and Dimeji Sofowora.

Ideas are made possible because of capital investments. Invest in black owned businesses.