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My critical thinking and dialogue universe

by: Sabrina Clarke 

I have reintroduced myself and my multiverse this week, last but certainly not least is my critical thinking and dialouge universe. If it were an infinity stone it would be mind.

There are some things I can’t shut up about. I love sharing my perspective on specific topics, debating and facilitating a constructive conversation with people who believe in facts and have points of view different from mine.

I am particularly interested in where politics, business, entertainment and social topics meet. I created an outlet for me to facilitate this aspect of who I am with Lateral Theory.

What is Lateral Theory?

A space for critical thinking and constructive dialogue

What does Lateral Theory do?

Facilitates divergent views to discuss or debate topics in an unfiltered, uncensored and mature way; topics typically cut across politics, business, entertainment and social areas.