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Principle 6: Enjoy the journey

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Leadership

Leadership Principle 6: Enjoy the journey

Last week I re-introduced myself and my multiverse. I want to spend a little time sharing some of the leadership principles that I operate with both my team and clients. Today is my final principle.

I had to make a conscious effort and mindset shift to enjoy my entrepreneurial journey. I was guilty in the past of always moving on to the next milestone, goal or challenge. I then had the “aha” moment that it is about the journey.

Being a business owner has been the most challenging, revealing and exciting decisions I have ever made. Almost every day, a new challenge comes with a level of resilience I need to pull from. When the goal is achieved, it can be profoundly isolating and, other times, gratifying.

I then understood that the feeling of accomplishment for arriving at the goal is shorter than the time it takes to get there. So it is essential to enjoy the journey.

Like the gentlemen in this video, enjoying the journey has nothing to do with how the crowd reacts; it is all about what you know to be true for you. So enjoy it.