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What happens if Supplier Diversity ends today?

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability


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If the role of business is to make a profit, then Supplier Diversity is viewed in absolute terms, and the question must be answered absolutely. However, if the role of business is to make a profit and … then impact on the bottom line gets measured with more than one metric, and profit is one of many key performance indicators.

The definition of business in the UK and Europe as it is defined today and how it will be defined in the next few years is where Supplier Diversity’s position in the supply chain gets challenged.

The Battle is Over: Did Supplier Diversity Lose?

Is the topic of the launch of Build Global Updates. Build Global Updates will be events where I share, thought leadership and insights that challenge the status and forecast the future of crucial Social and Economic Sustainability issues. The spaces will be intentionally limited, Chatham House rule and will not be recorded given the subject matter.

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