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Would you use a remanufactured laptop?

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

Would you use a remanufactured laptop?

Royal Mint has been using intelligent ways to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. From partnering with Excir to explore the use of gold recovered from e-waste to working with Circular Computing to use remanufactured laptops.

Royal Mint's evolution into precious metals and luxury jewellery has increased its carbon footprint. One of the ways it is reducing its impact is through sustainable IT. Carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops will help to decarbonise the Royal Mint's IT estate, reducing Scope 3 emissions. The partnership with Circular Computing follows a trial and introduces a more flexible approach to procurement.

☑️ The supply chain is sustainable.
☑️ There is a demonstrable reduction in Scope 3
☑️ The product still meets Royal Mints IT requirements
☑️ The business continues as usual

A win-win for everyone involved.