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Zara's New Partnership with Circ

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

Zara's new partnership with Circ uses recycled fibre that is circular.

The fibre is made from existing textile waste and can be used again. This is a game changer for the fashion industry and has the potential for fast fashion.

Circ's approach is disruptive because they can separate blended fibres like polyester and cotton and recycle them, which was virtually impossible to do before. If this technology is perfected and scaled, this might be a solution to cutting down the waste and manufacturing issues from fashion in its entirety and fast fashion specifically.

One of the pieces retails for $69.99, in keeping with Zara's price range, which means there is no cost difference for the line, but the impact is significant.

Zara, who came under greenwashing fire for their "Join Life" programme, took the feedback on board and is now implementing an approach to fashion that has an impact and can be evidenced.