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51% Ownership

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

51% Ownership is one of the metrics a supplier must evidence to demonstrate they are ‘diverse’

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How supplier ‘diversity’ is defined varies from country, region and locality. Diversity and Inclusion, Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Supplier diversity don’t mean the same thing.

Supplier Diversity is when the supply chain of a company is diverse i.e. the company does business with companies that have majority ownership (51%) that is defined as ‘diverse’. The diversity of the supply chain has an intentional focus on underrepresented groups; however, that shows up in the region. For example, gender, migrants, religion etc.

As the political, cultural and regulatory environments shift in the UK and Europe, being intentional about supplier diversity is increasingly seen as ‘anti-majority’ or discriminatory. Therefore companies had a decision to make.

What did they decide?

You can find out my thoughts at my Build Global Updates launch event, The Battle is Over: Did Supplier Diversity Lose?

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