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I'm not a man or a snake, I am a Management Consultant

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability,Entrepreneurship,Strategy


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The strapline of A retiring consultants advice on consultants by The Economist made me belly laugh because it highlights the issue with the industry I am in.

Consultants who typically advise C-suite execs in the areas of my expertise are 99.9% male. Management Consultants in this piece is what 'success' looked like, why the burn rate for consultancies is so high and are people you need to 'handle' rather than people who are partners.

This article describes exactly who I did not want to become, I would never be and why Build Global my company, by design, is the 'anti-strategy consultancy'.

We are partners, slides are a tool, not a trap, and when our engagement is done, it is done. We don't create a co-dependent hostage situation. We deliver excellence and are invited back again because of quality.

It takes time to build in a space that has been cannibalised, but it is not impossible. One thing is certain, the audience who reads this, who are our clients, will think about their management consultants and remember why their experience with us is set apart and that USP is the difference.

I'm launching Build Global Updates, where I will share thought leadership and insights that challenge the status and forecast the future of crucial Social and Economic Sustainability issues.

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