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Adopting the 'Ghana Model'

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

As the great philosopher Robert Nester Marley said, " Everyman has a right to decide his destiny, and in this judgement, there is no partiality".

She is right; it is very simple. Ghana has chosen to be self-sufficient as a nation, ensuring they have complete ownership and control over the supply chain of its raw materials. President Nana Akfufo- Addo addresses the importance of cocoa production in the value chain.

Given all of the raw materials currently exported from African countries, if three countries that produce in-demand raw materials were to adopt the 'Ghana Model," this would substantially change Africa's trade and power dynamics with the international community.

What do geopolitics and this situation have to do with Social and Economic Sustainability (my niche)?

Adopting the "Ghana Model" across the continent would transition countries to move from Dembisa Moyo's aptly put 'dead aid' to a sustainable social and economic future. Each owning and controling its value and supply chains which in turn would boost economies, create business and job opportunities, and typically reach the most vulnerable.