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My View from the BRKIN Bread Table

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Lateral Theory,Media

I wear multiple hats as the creator of BRKIN Bread, an audio-visual podcast for the hungry mind. One of them is the host. When I sit down to host my guests, have conversations and hand over the reigns to my Assistant Director, this is my view.

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So many things go on behind the scenes, in addition to the dynamics at the table. I am alert to all of it. Lateral Theory my digital media company, independently produces BRKIN Bread. To be explicit, no one else is writing a check for BRKIN Bread to happen, and everyone in my crew is compensated for their time ( a statement this is required because many presume Black Female -owned means free and money grows on trees for Black female-owned businesses; it does not).

Bringing a concept like BRKIN Bread to life takes time, work and capital; a lot is involved.

At Episode 10, we will reach the halfway mark for Season 1. Even writing that is surreal. When I look at this view it’s a reminder of my vision coming to life and it is a beautiful image.

I will be sharing more of the BRKIN Bread journey with you. In the meantime, check out BRKIN Bread.

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