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BP Chief Executive Murray Auchincloss is being pressed. Now what?

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

Very few groups have the influence and authority to press a CEO. Typically, corporate leaders are surrounded by 'yes' men, and those with the foresight to provide counsel about issues or reputational risks are disregarded or labelled as "not being team players" when opposing viewpoints are shared. " When a leader is pressed, you have to ask, " How did we get here? "

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However, with sustainability, different politics are at play because there are climate deniers, those who don't believe sustainability is a pressing issue, and others who think sustainability in business is fluff and a waste of time. Therefore, all motives must be explored when a CEO is pressed on a sustainability strategy.

In the case of BP Chief Executive Murray Auchincloss, Bluebell Partners, the ‘Omar’ of hedge funds, with the ability to significantly impact not only his personal reputation but BP as a business (see article published on February 6, 2024) is pressing him. So now what?

We're about to find out the type of leader Auchincloss is. It is not an enviable position to be in 5 months into your tenure to deal with this level of public smoke, but that's the job.