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In the UK, Pharmacists will be able to prescribe subscriptions for common ailments

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

The practice of Independent Prescribing will start in 2026. On registration day, newly qualified pharmacists will be independent prescribers, completing five years of education and foundational programs, including prescribing training.

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The UK healthcare system needs a complete overhaul, and GPs must be compensated. GPs have been protesting the lack of compensation for their service and the conditions they must work in to deliver their services. Pharmacists are medical experts, so while independent prescribing can support removing existing burdens, will it be leveraged as a negotiation tool not to pay GPs what they deserve? Also, if it starts with independent prescribing, where does it stop?

What are the impacts?

- reduced wait times for patients to get the medicine they need
- automation of independent prescribing to increase efficiency
- independent prescribing leveraged against GP pay
protests, which puts pressure on the healthcare system
- losing GPs and potential talent
- attracting potential pharmacists to the industry

- increased purchases due to subscription requests
- increased opportunities for local businesses
- increased revenue for the pharmacies