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Can you be challenged as a leader?

Part 1- 'How to do it’

by: Sabrina Clarke


· Leadership

Can you be challenged as a leader? Part 1- 'How to do it’

One of the attributes of influential leaders is their ability to surround themselves with people that challenge them. It is always very telling when a leader is just not used to being challenged.

What's more interesting is the behaviours exhibited when a leader is challenged in an environment where saving face is also at play.

I like this scene in black panther between King T'challa and Killmonger. You should know I look for any opportunity to bring Marvel into the situation but let's explore.

T'challa is seeking Counsel from his advisors, who inform with perspective but not challenging him. Killmonger comes in and rightfully challenges him for the throne. 

Lesson 1: not all challenges will be in the tone you want or from people you like. What is T'challa's leadership response? First, its dismissal. While he's used to counsel, he is not used to being challenged. Then birthright ethics prevail, and we move to the challenge.

Lesson 2: your first response as a leader is who you are. Be self-aware and adopt the right approach.

Divergent thoughts and opinions aren't nice to have. They are the distinction between good and exceptional leaders.