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Can you be challenged as a leader?- Part 2

'How not to do it'

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Leadership

Can you be challenged as a leader?  Part 2- 'How not to do it'

I recently shared that one of the attributes of influential leaders is their ability to surround themselves with people who challenge them. It is always very telling when a leader is just not used to being challenged.

What's more interesting is the behaviours exhibited when a leader is challenged in an environment where saving face is also at play.

Agent Smith gives us a clear example of what not to do. He shuts his challenger up, literally.

In looking at the scene, it's very easy to say, of course, no one is going to shut somebody up. Leaders do this all of the time. Typical examples are ending meetings, getting defensive, only inviting "some people" to conversations, ignoring comments, and the list goes on. Some of the tactics range from explicit to passive and micro-aggressive. 

Don't be Agent Smith.