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Effective leaders focus on productivity with hybrid working

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Leadership

As someone who has built Build Global to be digital and flexible at its core, it is fascinating to see how the pandemic has completely shifted archaic thinking about work.

Hybrid working is a new topic for Corporate Companies. SMEs have integrated hybrid working for years now. So what is the leadership problem that hybrid working presents?

Trust and micro-management. If a leader is focused on delivery, you can be sitting on a beach in Costa Rica or a Starbucks, provided there is delivery. An approach should only be questioned when an employee doesn't deliver.

Client coverage and collaborative working, where applicable, can happen in several ways, not just 'being seen'. I have adapted the principle of trust first. I trust my team to deliver; however, if deadlines are missed, and I start having to chase, then my approach changes immediately, and so does the option to be flexible.

Accountability, trust and delivery are crucial to hybrid-working, but as long as some leaders think 'being in the office' equates to productivity, the mass exodus of employees will continue until they learn to focus on results.