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Crown Media's Transformation

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Transformation,Strategy,Media

Crowd Media had $5.4 million in revenue after 12 months and is debt free following a three-year business transformation.

Crowd Media is a social commerce company whose mission is to 'create human-like digital interactions and communication tools.'

What did they do?
☑️ Had a clear strategy
☑️ Turned their strategy into an implementation plan with milestones
☑️ Invested in technology that had commercialisation objectives with a focus on their Talking Head AI platform

The result is clearing legacy debt of $3M, ending the year (June 2022) with $2.2M cash on hand.

Effective business transformation takes time, but the results are undeniable.

At Build Global, we focus on effective transformations by ensuring the right strategy and plans are in place.