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The Uber Files were released, and nobody cares!

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Strategy

The Uber Files were released, and nobody cares!

Perhaps one of the biggest whistleblowing business cases for the year is the Uber Files. In short, the Uber Files are more than 124k documents that outline the shady and illegal practices; Uber conducted to enter and dominate new markets based on their aggressive growth strategies.

The global investigation found essentially; that Uber finessed law enforcement, regulators, and police. They lobbied the government and had corrupt practices for profit. The leaker? Mark McGann, a career lobbyist who led Uber's charge into Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Apparently, Mark wants all the smoke because he came forward to identify himself as the leaker.

With all of this, no one cares. Why?

The truth is out there. The uncomfortable truth is that a significant component of the world, me included, enjoyed and had an affinity for the cheap, flexible car service. Uber gets you anywhere, and given all the other geopolitical issues, supply chain problems, pandemic and over saturation, no one cares about Uber.