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Greentech is the future

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

I have a particular interest in how the role of crowdfunding democratises industries. One of the most significant barriers to entry is capital; crowdfunding neutralises this by engaging entrepreneurs and artists directly with the people who believe in their product, work of art.

Greentech is on the rise because investors recognise sustainability is the future of how businesses will grow and do so responsibly.

According to Forbes, VC fundraising for climate tech-focused funds in 2021 is on track to hit a record $21B, and capital flowing from VC funds to climate tech companies is on course to reach a record $49B. 

 Indiegogo has raised more than $78M for sustainable products and sustainable tech as a whole. 

Greentech has focused heavily on the environmental impacts as a whole to date. In the next 5-10 yrs, Greentech will also include the social and economic implications of investing in companies that enable these pillars. Patreon is an example of this.