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If Sustainability is just a buzzword. You might get hacked

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

If Sustainability is just a buzzword. You might get hacked.

Every five years, some words become the hot topic in corporate conversations. Sustainability and ESG are at the top of the list these days. Many companies are rightfully having internal discussions, hiring expertise and transforming their business to ensure they adapt and embed sustainable practices. However, some are not but market effectively.

Interestingly, Sustainable business practices and track records of the brand or company is public information. Activist groups are paying attention with scrutiny to see who is moving beyond social media. Groups have a particular interest in companies and brands that are greenwashing.

Brandalism is one of those groups. Brandalism describes themselves as a revolt against the corporate control of culture and space. Their latest target was Barclays. Brandalism hacked more than 200 billboards to protest alleged greenwashing by Barclays, using the bank's signature branding for messaging about oil spills, deforestation, wildfires etc. While Barclays is Brandalism's latest company, they won't be their last.