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The Art of Taking an L- Part 3

by: Sabrina Clarke

The Art of Taking an L- Part III

**Language Adult**

Some of the most insightful and valuable business lessons I have learnt has come from Hip Hop.

Rick Ross' latest The Breakfast Club Interview inspired my theme this week, The Art of Taking an L. I shared that I learned in life and through entrepreneurship the distinct difference between losing and taking a loss. Taking a loss is an art; it is about how you failed, was set back, the learnings you take, how you recover and most importantly, how you apply what you have learned as you move on. Losing is stagnant.

Rick Ross is a businessman I learn a lot from. I like how he moves with his portfolio. So I listened with interest during his interview for his book release, The Perfect Day to Boss Up.

Taking a loss is never easy. It is temporary, but when you master the art form, everything changes..

Warning: Adult Language