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The Art of Taking an L- Part 2

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Entrepreneurship,Leadership

In Part I of the Art of taking an L, I shared that I have learned in life and through entrepreneurship the distinct difference between losing and taking a loss. Taking a loss is an art; it is about how you failed, was set back, the learnings you take, how you recover and most importantly, how you apply what you have learned as you move on. Losing is stagnant.

I also shared how I love reading and learning from real stories. I can relate to the person that has had to build from loss or setback because that is my journey. I celebrate those who have it easy, and things just come. That's not my story, nothing has been easy, and nothing comes for me. I have to put in the work and face loss.

I liked reading Chris Estey's story. His is one of loss and success. After building several multi-million dollar businesses, he went through a cycle of losing and building, mastering the art of taking an L along the way. He is currently in his latest venture. You can learn more about how he went from flat broke to millionaire five times below.

Taking a loss is never easy. It is temporary, but when you master the art form, everything changes.