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Jaguar Land Rover plans to invest £15 billion in electric vehicles

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability,Strategy

Jaguar Land Rover plans to invest £15 billion in electric vehicle production over the next five years.

JLR's plant in Halewood will become an all-electric manufacturing facility. While the centre in Wolverhampton will become the Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre. The move to invest and to have a focused electric manufacturing facility is part of Tata Consulting's investment strategy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2039. Tata also plans to produce batteries through their new Gigafactory in Europe (location to be announced).

My opinion:

On this move by JLR, there is a dual purpose. First, as a traditional car brand, JLR understands they must catch up to the electric future and be left behind. Second, Tesla, which has had longstanding dominance over the electric luxury car market, is leaving an opening that JLR and others hope to fill.

It will be interesting to see who wins this race.