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Jem's impact on me is truly outrageous!

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Media

As we round out Women's History month, I wanted to pay homage to the icon Jem. For those who don't know, Jem and the Holograms was an animated series released in the 80s. Jem was an entrepreneur by day, running the multi-million company Starlight Music. By night, she was the lead singer of a rock band called the Holograms.

Jem managed the duality of her life with the help of her trusted ai Synergy. She also had to deal with the pressures of running a company daily and her nemesis, the band the Misfits.

I could write a dissertation about Jem that would include the gender pay gap, equity, imposter syndrome and authenticity, to name a few, but I will focus on some key lessons from Jem.

☑️ You can have a portfolio that is both creative and technical.
📱Technology is a great enabler.
✂️ You will always have a nemesis, but it is crucial to recognise who they are and address them and the situations that present themselves accordingly.
😉 Not all audiences can handle the fullness of who you are, and therefore sometimes you have to segment.

Jem is a classic, and if you can stream it, I highly recommend it.

PS. avoid the movie 😎