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Who's the birthday girl... Build Global!

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Media,Transformation,Entrepreneurship,Sustainability

We are celebrating six years of trading! (🔊on)

I incorporated Build Global in 2013. It was a promotion present and also in recognition of a milestone I had been working towards for years. Incorporation activated the next part of my plan. After rounding out the industries I wanted in my portfolio, I stepped out to focus on my business in April 2017.

Being an entrepreneur, a woman in business, especially in the space I occupy, is Wild. It has been one of my best and most challenging decisions. I am not an overnight entrepreneur. Build Global wasn't a whim; I took my time, planned and executed quietly, unbothered about opinions and focused on the assignment: today, that is still the case, unbothered and quiet movement. The results speak louder than I need to.

So here we are! That statement is a celebration in 2023, post-pandemic, with all the market challenges we are here. My little engine that could, still hustling, still fighting and enjoying the journey.

Build Global is celebrating our sixth year in trading. We're the birthday girl. God did.


PS: This does not illustrate my last day at my job. Rumour has it boyfriend Phil is wearing the mask 😂

Video Credit: Drill. Xk