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Just as I called it: Microsoft and Openai are getting sued

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability


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I love technology, especially when it is an enabler or innovator.

I stated on several occasions I don't use ChatGPT personally; my view is that it should be used for efficiency and enhancement but not to author original, especially creative work. As I have often said, authoring original work, i.e. books, pitch decks, RFPs or RFIs, that is not clearly attributed to AI or the author is theft.

As someone who has their ideas, words and work taken without being cited regularly, if the person were Microsoft or OpenAI, I would do exactly what these authors are doing: sue them. I stated this would happen, and now here we are.

OpenAi states it would be impossible to train models without violating copyright. However, training the model isn’t the issue, it's consent, then using the work without citing or compensation that is the problem.

We can have a balance between using AI, citing and paying people for the work they created provided there is consent.

What is the social and economic sustainability impact of copyright infringement being inevitable in the world of generative AI and machine learning? (article loading…)