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Leadership Edition: Lose Well

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Leadership

Leadership Edition: Lose Well

Since Chris Rockgate, I have gained a lot of new followers. For everyone still getting to know me, along with sci-fi and marvel, I love boxing, specifically the heavyweight division. This Saturday is one of the biggest re-matches in heavyweight boxing history Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua. There are few opportunities to see sweet science on full display, and this match-up will do just that.

I respect both men, and between the two, for me, Usyk is the technically superior boxer.

I don't think AJ would have a chance if there weren't a literal war in Ukraine. Fighters often carry the weight of their nation on their shoulders, but this time it's different for Usyk. Joshua needs to come back 'again'. The stakes are high for different reasons for both men.

One thing I can be sure of is that, whoever loses, they will lose well. One of the leadership characteristics that I admire is the ability to lose well. No excuses, full accountability and acknowledgement of the job well done by the other party. Joshua demonstrated this when he lost to Ruiz. He lost well, got his head, and technical skill right came back to claim his titles.

Joshua's ability to recognise his mistakes and develop technically creates an opening for him to win. For Usyk, either the war will have two impacts either he won't be as lethal because there have been other priorities, understandably, or AJ will take the brunt of the past months of conflict.

This Saturday will be spicy, and whoever the victor, the other will hold that L, well.