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Leadership Endorsement Matters

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Leadership,Media

Leadership Endorsement matters- Queens Remix edition

Beyonce just released the Queens remix from her latest album Renaissance. Featuring Madonna's vogue, Beyonce is appropriately honouring the legendary ballroom houses (if you know the history of Madonna and Vogue, you recognise the importance of this, but I digress).

That is not what set social media off; Beyonce name checks 29 Queens in this remix. From Aretha Franklin and Sade to Jill Scott and Lizzo, shouting out Grace Jones twice. Beyonce essentially endorses these other artists and gives them their flowers, so what's the problem? Well, people didn't make her list.

No one expects Beyonce to sing a dissertation about all of the women in the industry. However, her curated list of women makes a clear statement. Beyonce's endorsement and validation mean something to both these artists and the industry.

Leadership endorsement by a person respected for their technical delivery and consistency matters, whether 'you' like them, their product, service or not.