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My corporate, strategy, commercial and data-driven universe, no pun intended.

by: Sabrina Clarke

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Build Global is the enabler; if it were an infinity stone, it would be Power.

I officially formed Build Global quietly the day I was promoted at a previous employer. Literally the day I got the phone call, in the evening I registered at Companies House. The promotion was the last step required to activate my exit plan. I incorporated Build Global 1 February 2013, started trading in 2017 and will be celebrating 4 years in April. Why the gap? Management Consulting was the final industry part of my exit strategy. Why? (a story for another post :)

What is Build Global?

A boutique consultancy

What does Build Global do?

We bring global expertise that is flexible and tailored to the specific demands of corporate companies, small and medium businesses.

For Corporate clients, we provide Strategy, Business Transformation and Supplier Diversity Services.

For SMEs, we provide Strategic Planning, Business Model Design, Negotiation and Retainer services.

The picture below is what the side hustle was in 2016, taken with the client, employee and Build Global laptop.