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So what exactly is my multiverse?

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Entrepreneurship,Leadership

I wanted to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself and welcome you to my multiverse.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. My mission is to create space. My purpose, passions, interests and expertise come together in unique combinations to solve specific problems. I am also a sci-fi geek hence the multiverse.

So what exactly is my multiverse?

- Build Global- I founded and am the Managing Partner of boutique consultancy Build Global. We provide Strategy, Transformation and Sustainability to companies.

- Niche on Demand- I am the co-founder of Niche on Demand a studio focussed on telling black stories.

- The Liberian Business Alliance- I am the Founder and President. Liberia is my heritage country. The LBA is an association for Liberian Business Owners, Professionals, and Partners who support Liberia's economic development.

- Lateral Theory- a space that I created for critical thinking and cultural commentary.

When they all overlap, they form the nucleus of my identity; each integral to me.

Over the next week, I'll take you through my multiverse and give you more information so you are acquainted with who I am.