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 My servant universe

by: Sabrina Clarke


If my service universe were an infinity stone it would be Soul.

I am a servant leader. One of the core parts to my service is supporting the growth and development as a daughter of Liberia.

A lot people aren’t very familiar with Liberia. Most people may know the Michael Jackson song, or know current Liberian President George Weah because he was a former football player. Perhaps people are familiar with the dark history of civil conflict or that the first democratically elected female Head of State in Africa was Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Liberia is rich in culture, diversity and investment opportunities. I want to show the richness of Liberia . Along with my charitable efforts, Board positions and initiavtives, my service universe is anchored by the Liberian Business Alliance

What is the LBA ?

An association for Liberian Business Owners, Professionals and Partners in the UK&I

What is our mission?

To establishing a network of business owners, professionals and partners committed to the economic development and empowerment of Liberians in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Liberia.

The picture below is me and my amazing leadership team during our vitural townhall in 2020.