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Principle 2: Servant Leadership

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Leadership

Leadership Principle 2: Servant Leadership

Last week I re-introduced myself and my multiverse. I want to spend a little time sharing some of the leadership principles that I operate with both my team and clients.

I love the movie, Spartacus. Many people use the clip below to talk about loyalty. While the 'team' shows commitment, the moment that anchors everything without words is Spartacus demonstrating one of the core tenants of servant leadership, being the leader amongst equals. He was about to go first, and because he was, they did.

Servant leadership is about serving, enhancing and unlocking through empowerment. Service is very aligned to my values but is always an outlier in the environments I seem to find myself professionally.

I have come to understand that as a servant leader, I am disrupting traditional leadership hierarchy. Disruption comes with its benefits, but it is not without its challenges; either way, serving is a core tenet of who I am and how I do business.