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Spotify invests $100k into new Africa podcast initiative

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Media

Spotify understands localisation is key.

I often discuss why localisation is vital for a sustainable supply chain and how Audio is a movement. I love when my topics converge; here is a perfect case study.

Spotify is investing £100k into a fund for African podcasters. The Fund will initially support 14 podcasters, and I am sure it will expand from there.

Some of the reasons why this strategy is important for Spotify?

☑️ Africa is a strategic growth market
☑️ Africans want content from creators who get it and get them
☑️ Spotify establishes an African value chain
☑️ The possibilities to build niche communities for 54 countries and countless tribes are endless; content is king.
☑️ African audio stars become even more prominent and create brand opportunities for both Spotify and creators.
☑️ £100k is a relatively small investment for the returns Spotify will get

I am very interested to see how this will evolve.

In my Media Leader article, Audio killed the video star; I discuss why Audio is a movement, not a moment and how Audio is eclipsing streaming.