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Sustainable fashion is becoming the norm, not a trend

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability

Sustainable fashion is becoming the norm, not a trend.

Like many industries, the fashion industry felt the heat of social media, and big brands felt the activism of their consumers in 2021, with calls for demonstrable change with Sustainability. What followed was several conversations, commitment statements and the expectation for action in the Spring Collection 2022.

However, during the runway shows, as captured by Vogue, "the general feeling was that brands were more focused on the media impact of their shows than the environmental impact of their collections."

The about-face of some brands isn't what I find interesting. For me, it's the coverage in Vogue about sustainable fashion and keeping the conversation going 18 months later.

While some designers didn't follow through with their commitments, some did:

-Maria Cornejo is investing in vertical production in Japan and Turkey to reduce her transportation footprint

-Ashlynn Park employs zero-waste cutting techniques and works on a made-to-order model

-Rentrayage's Erin Beatty exclusively transforms vintage garments or deadstock materials into new pieces

Smart designers are innovating and making their fashion sustainable. Smart companies are also doing the same.