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The Trusted Black Girl 2 Launch

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Media

About last week

On Saturday, I hosted an In Conversation with Roianne Nedd as part of her launch of The Trusted Black Girl 2. I wanted an honest, authentic conversation about what it means to be a black woman in leadership. I created a space where this conversation could happen without censorship or explanation. The only energy used in the room would be directed to enjoyment, positions, discourse and vibes. Mission accomplished.

Roianne got her well-deserved flowers, and in a room full of black women, we agreed, disagreed and vibed. I want to thank everyone who made this a sold-out event—the black women and advocates who gifted tickets to black women.

As the streets talk, let me be clear. I believe in value exchange, creating experiences and spaces for those who do too. The brand behind this In conversation is mine, Lateral Theory (more on that later). The supply chain behind this event was end-to-end black women, my decision. Why? Because an event about black female leadership should be a demonstration of just that.

The art of conversation will be one of my focuses for 2023—announcements to come.

In the meantime, if you haven't picked up your copy of Roianne's book, The Trusted Black Girl 2, visit her website and support a self-published author.