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What say you, Adidas?

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Media,Sustainability

I published my 'controversial' article "Adidas' decision to terminate the partnership with Ye was commercial, not social", because of the pushback about my firm position that Adidas was making a commercial decision.

Here we are at another opportunity for the brand to demonstrate where they stand. Balenciaga has rightfully come under fire for sexualizing children in their BDSM themed Christmas campaign. In one of the pictures, the US Supreme court decision about the illegality of child pornography is one of the many papers a model has her hand slammed down upon. Just pause and re-read what I just wrote.

This campaign went live, and whose brand name was on the site above the child featured in one of the many pictures? You guessed it, Adidas. Shout out to Retail Boss for the quick screen grab. The campaign has been removed and Balenciaga has apologized (is that enough?)

It is a simple question, what say you, Adidas?

Link to my article

Image Credit Retail Boss: I have made the decision to cover the model’s face and the marking on the picture is mine not that of Retail Boss.

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