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When Gregg's has to increase prices by 5p, what happens to everyone else?

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Sustainability,Strategy

At Build Global, we define a sustainable supply chain as one with diverse and local suppliers that can complement international Tier 1 suppliers. We have faced supply chain issues because companies simply don't have sustainable supply chains. The pandemic was the symptom, not the root cause.

Social media is going crazy over the 5p increase for a sausage roll. Gregg's justification is inflation, a rise in packaging costs and an increase from the suppliers. They are, in fact, a business and need to make money. Social Media's response? Make a sausage roll challenge. Now that is cute because of this specific context, but while a sausage roll is not a necessity, other items are.

We all benefit from sustainable supply chains. While baking is a pastime for some, a permanent solution to this crisis is making supply chains sustainable by having diverse and local suppliers firmly integrated into the ecosystem.