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Jungle: Amazon's Prime new series is the next generation of art

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Media

I recently attended the world premiere of Jungle in Leciester Square. Amazon Prime's new series launches 30 September. Jungle uses UK Rap, Grime and Drill to tell stories about life in crime and asks critical questions.

It is visually stunning. The cinematography is ridiculous. Almost all of the stills can be NFTs. The use of colour and music brings the story to life. Make no mistake, it's gritty and violent; everything you would expect from a series that explores crime and the creative is excellent.

Junior Okoli and Chas Appeti (Nothing Lost Executive Producers and Creators) had complete creative control. Wise decision, Amazon Prime, you can tell. Visually it's like a mashup of American Gods, Altered Carbon, and Sin City with strong storylines.

Highly recommend watching it. Between Mel made me do it and now the launch of Jungle, the UK is causing problems, and I love to see it.