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    Creating by design

    Sabrina Clarke, The Golden Brain Entrepreneur

    Sabrina's mission is to create space, tell beautifully complex stories and innovate so there is sustainable access. The Golden Brain is a term used for individuals who operate adeptly with both the left and right sides of their brain. The Golden Brain accurately describes Sabrina's approach and the portfolio she has designed.


    Sabrina is the Managing Partner of Build Global, her company. Sabrina took her experience from roles such as Senior Manager at Ernst and Young and Vice President, Investment Banking and Structured Capital Markets to start her company. Build Global is an award-winning strategy firm that provides Energy, Financial Services and Technology companies with strategy, transformation and business sustainability services. Build Global Ventures is how the firm drives impact through two initiatives which Sabrina leads: The Founders Corner, which invests in and provides advisory support to under-represented Founders selected by the firm and The Liberian Business Alliance, an initiative committed to the economic empowerment of Liberia through business and entrepreneurship.
    Also, a creative, Sabrina is the Founder of Lateral Theory, a digital media company that creates original content for audio, streaming and film. Sabrina is an Executive Producer, with various credited projects including, the Creator, Executive Producer and Director of the award-winning audio-visual podcast BRKIN Bread.


    Sabrina is an acclaimed keynote speaker. Her credits include TEDx Fidelity International, Meta, Mediatel, Harvard Business School, House of Lords, Atomicon, and Pension Protection Fund. Sabrina is a fiction and non-fiction writer sharing her insights and analysis.​ Sabrina will be publishing her first collection of fictional short stories soon. Sabrina is also an award-winning entrepreneur whose accolades include BEFFTA Legend Award Recipient and 50 Most Inspirational Black Women in the UK, African Glitz Magazine. Sabrina is a Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce Fellow, a Non-Executive Director and Trustee whose previous roles have included appointments to Doteveryone and Theatre503.
    Sabrina is a leader amongst equals, collaborating and forming partnerships, operating with radical candour. Some of her principles include excellence, not perfection, and value, not volume.