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Congratulations to the recipients of Angels Den 2022

by: Sabrina Clarke

· Entrepreneurship

Saturday, 24 September, was the inaugural Angel's Den competition where Founders could win up to £100k capital investment into their business and business support.

A Tab Business Forum event hosted at Tab Church London; this initiative is the first of its kind that I am aware of. As Managing Partner of Build Global, I decided we would be a sponsor.

On Saturday, Founders were offered £60k-£15 direct capital in addition to offers of free websites, marketing, mentoring and other business support—a truly 360 offering.

Shout out to Alecia Esson, Nxsteps and Leke Babalola, SignTech Paperless Solutions well deserved placing.

Capital is a barrier for Founders, especially Black Founders. The more programs that invest in and trust Founders with the capital they need, gaps get closed, and businesses are sustainable.

When I started Build Global, I intentionally set up a fund that is an impact investment for our social and economic sustainability vision
It is simple for me; I stopped talking. I know the problems and solutions, and I am busy solving them.