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Telfar took it in house

· Sustainability,Transformation

Telfar took it in house

Telfar is fastly becoming a household name as a unisex brand. Popularly known for the "Bushwick Berkin", as seen on Solange, Beyonce, and many other celebrities, Telfar's journey started more than 20 years ago.

There are many lessons to learn from Telfar, and I will probably do another post. I wanted to focus on Telfar's (founder's name) comments in this interview about the impact of the pandemic and, specifically, the supply chain that made him think differently about his business.

In summary, what did they do:

  1. Innovated a new way of doing fashion that enabled direct to consumer.
  2. Brought manufacturing from Europe to New York, production end-to-end is in-house.
  3. Capacity built to ensure there would be no disruption to the Telfar supply chain.

In short, Telfar's supply chain is now sustainable and driving deals.

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