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The biggest writer's strike in Hollywood's history is happening now.

By: Sabrina Clarke

· Media,Lateral Theory

While I write my questions for BRKIN Bread, an audio-visual podcast I created for the hungry mind, everything else comes from my head. Live in the moment, no scripts.

However, I am not unaffected by the writer's strike. First, people getting paid for the value and work they provide is a principle I feel strongly about and should be common sense, but unfortunately isn't common. Second, writers are fundamental to productions, and while I am not writing for myself, I will write for other people on my productions and elsewhere and be the recipient of what the writers are fighting for.

Finally, the industry is changing significantly. Independent publishing and media are becoming non-existent. If the writers don't get what they are due now, by the time AI replaces some, there will be nothing to show for all of their work, which is just unacceptable.